• The Fillers

    The Fillers

    Saturday 9th February 2019

    “You should check them out” Brandon Flowers on The Fillers   The Fillers are the world’s first and best tribute to "The Killers" Formed in late 2006 in the era of Sam's Town around the small to

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  • A Foreigners Journey

    A Foreigners Journey

    Saturday 16th February 2019

    Well known all over the World, Foreigner and Journey are giants of the genre best known as Adult Orientated Rock and have been huge draws as live acts since forming in the 1970’s. The two bands have achieved

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  • The Real Class of 92

    The Real Class of 92

    Friday 1st March 2019

    SJD Sports Events presents The Real Class of 92 with Howard Wilkinson, Mel Sterland, Steve Hodge, Tony Dorigo, Chris Whyte, Jon Newsome Lee Chapman and Special Guest Noel Whelan

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  • Limehouse Lizzy

    Limehouse Lizzy

    Saturday 2nd March 2019

    Limehouse Lizzy continue to keep the spirit of Celtic rock icon Philip Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy alive, well and dominating stages worldwide. The band have also added a tribute into their show to ex-Thin L

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  • The Slow Readers Club

    The Slow Readers Club

    Wednesday 13th March 2019

    DHP Family presents The Slow Readers Club

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  • The Smyths

    The Smyths

    Friday 29th March 2019

    The Smyths present THE SMITHS 35 A celebration of the debut album (With hits & more)

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  • Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs

    Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs

    Saturday 30th March 2019

    Progressive Gears presents Zal Cleminson's Sin Dogs plus support from Apostles of Chaos, I.T, Quiet Wish and Oceanica

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  • The Quireboys + FM

    The Quireboys + FM

    Thursday 4th April 2019

    Plus Special Guests Bad Touch and Vega

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  • Bad Manners

    Bad Manners

    Friday 12th April 2019

    Bad Manners are an English Second Wave (2 Tone) ska revival band. They quickly became the novelty favourites of the fad through their bald, enormous-bodied frontman's on-stage anti

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  • Navi (World's #1 Michael Jackson Tribute)

    Navi (World’s #1 Michael Jackson Tribute)

    Friday 19th April 2019

    MICHAEL JACKSON will always be remembered for being the greatest entertainer of all time. Whether it is the classic hits, slick dance moves, glitzy outfits or the magnificent production, it was Michael Jackson

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