Dreaming of Kate

  • Dreaming of Kate

    Saturday 20th September 2014

    Doors Open: 19:00

    Advanced Ticket Price: £12

    Age Restriction: 14+

    Event Details:

    Peacemanagement presents a night of KATE BUSH feat. DREAMING OF KATE


    Dreaming of Kate – a tribute to Kate Bush

    With a remarkable resemblance to Kate Bush in vocal style and appearance, the extraordinary singer and performer Maaike Breijman brings the music of Kate Bush to live stages all over Europe. A great live band, numerous costume changes, dance routines and stage props help Maaike amaze her audience as she effortlessly performs songs spanning the whole of Kate Bush’s career.


    Kate Bush is known to be one of the most iconic and influential artists of all times, though she has never toured between 1979 and 2014. Therefore, many of her songs have never been – and probably never will be – performed by Kate herself. Dreaming of Kate gives the audience the opportunity to hear and see Kate Bush’s greatest hits (and more) live on stage.


    Dreaming of Kate is not just a tribute band: it is a live experience.



    “The moves, the dancing, the costumes, the facial expressions were all as you’d imagine how Kate would perform a concert as Maaike morphed into Kate. She was completely uninhibited, free and believable and the audience loved her.”

    (Yvonne Delahaye – uktheatre.net)


    “Yes, once again, Maaike succeeds in performing Kate’s music in a way that makes you see how Kate herself would do it. Even the fans who saw the show back in 1979 confirm that.”

    (Kate Bush fanclub – The Netherlands)


    “Breijman is quite a marvel. Capturing Bush in her dance moves, voice and look – sometimes it’s quite scary.”

    (Jo-Anne Rowney -getbucks.co.uk)


    “When she tours again I order you to do your utmost to see her. Sell your Granny, send your kids to sweep chimneys, do whatever it takes just make sure you are there for Maaike’s next tour. That’s an order ok!”

    (justwilliam1959 – wordpress)


    “’Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable. Ooh yeah you’re amazing, we think you’re incredible!’ Never have song lyrics seemed more apt than watching Maaike Breijman perform as Kate Bush”

    (Yvonne Delahaye – uktheatre.net)

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