Guns 2 Roses

  • Guns 2 Roses

    Friday 21st September 2018

    Doors Open: 19:00

    Advanced Ticket Price: £12.50

    Age Restriction: 14+

    Event Details:

    Supported by Surreal Panther


    In 1987 the music landscape changed forever. From the garages and basements of downtown LA to the schools, homes and bedrooms of every man, woman and child around the world, Appetite For Destruction spoke to them all. The album summed up the era, the time and the world of the everyman in explosive fashion.


    It is punk rock in its rawest form, pulled together with hooks that last a lifetime.


    In 2017 Appetite For Destruction turns 30 and the album feels as relevant as it did 30 years ago.


    Guns2Roses, the only Guns’N’Roses tribute and to have performed with 4 different band members, will perform this classic album in its entirety for the first time in the UK.


    Strap yourselves in!

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