Steve Cradock Band of Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller

  • Steve Cradock Band of Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller

    Friday 11th April 2014

    Doors Open: 20:00

    Advanced Ticket Price: £12

    Age Restriction: 14+

    Event Details:

    Steve Cradock Band of Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller plays Warehouse23. Supported by Chris Helme, The Monday Club and Vendettas


    Early 2005 Steve Cradock began to put pen to paper and created his first solo record “Kundalini Target”, He and fellow musicians Mani (stone roses) Andy Bennett ( Ocean Colour Scene) Wife Sally and Tony Coote supported the Album with a few gigs in the Uk. After the release of “Peace City West” Steve’s second solo Album he again took to airing these projects with various different musicians dipping in and out, using Fred Ansell (The Computers) and Andy Croft The Moons /Paul Weller band) Jake Fletcher /The Grammotones . Andy Bennett/OCS as and when they were free.


    Finally at the beginning of 2012 Steve was introduced to Andy Flynn (Bass)who is now a solid member of The Cradock Band, Tony Coote ( Drums) and sally Cradock(Memotron/Vox) and Steve Cradock himself on Guitar and Vocals.


    Steve’s Third solo album “Travel Wild Travel Fee” was released September 2013.


    Whilst inbetween all this Steve still manages to find time to work consistently with Paul Weller and his other passion Ocean Colour Scene.


    Chris Helme is currently writing and recording for his 2nd solo record, due out later this spring on Little Num Num Music, the label he co-founded in 2009.


    Chris’ first solo album: Ashes was released in May 2008, and a hectic year of live shows followed. A break from touring at the start of 2009 gave Chris and his then band ‘The Yards’ the chance to put the finishing touches to their swansong record Imperial Measures. The Yard’s have since called it a day and this has allowed Chris to concentrate fully on his new record and given him the time to keep up his hectic solo tour schedule.


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    “Echoing the fragility of Gram Parsons, while flirting with the rustic side of Neil Young”



    “Dreamy but driven indie folk. Enhanced by lavishly layered productions and a deftly deployed string quartet.”

    Q Magazine


    “An acoustic gem of psych folk and perfectly weighted string arrangements, underpinned by great vocals that spin out in lyrical wonder”.

    Tuppence Magazine


    “The Rookery takes a run at classic Brit-folk and cloaks itself in robust melodies”



    “The Rookery shows Helme’s ability to pen perfect pop songs with dark Zeppelin vibes and acid tripping retro folk soundscapes..for all its folkiness it is deeply soulful, for all it’s retro hat tipping, it is a work of great modernity

    “A memorable collection of songs that should establish Helme in his own right and give him the recognition he deserves”

    Green Man Music


    “Delicate, folksy sounds that seem to conjure up England’s rolling green hills, swaying corn fields and shady woods…Helme captures sadness, soul and sincerity … there are plenty of melancholic, electro-acoustic numbers, languid rhythms and picked-riffs”

    Louder Than War (online)


    “If your main association with Chris Helme is the dying days of Britpop then it’s time to have another listen … Helme has become quite the songwriter and The Rookery is a wonderful mix of light and dark, contradicting moods and well-crafted balladeering.

    “The Rookery has a great, resonating energy that pulls from the huge pool of blues, folk, indie, psychedelia and Americana to make something altogether beautiful”

    Louder Than War (magazine)


    “This highly textured collection of songs clearly demonstrate Helme’s command over good melodies and thoughtful lyrics”

    Northern Sky

    “It will definitely appeal to those that want to lay back and be whisked off to a beautiful place where acoustic guitars, melodies, graceful lyrics and whistling will reign supreme”


    “The Rookery is melodic and imaginative, it’s quite hard to believe that an album as well produced as this was recorded in just nine days in a country hideaway in the Yorkshire Dales… if you’re a fan of acoustic guitars, great vocals and like to be reminded of how good music was in the 70s, you need to buy this album.”

    Drunken Werewolf

    “Some can only dream of making such a prophetic album, while he succeeded with an acoustic guitar and sometimes just happened to be hooked up to a fuzz pedal

    “Enjoy this one in solitude, out of the clatter of the day, just sit back or lie on a floor and press play”


    “The Rookery is a charming collection of folk-infused indie of a predominantly acoustic persuasion”

    Shout For Music

    “Chris Helme’s latest full-length album, The Rookery is a collection of beautifully crafted songs, laden with charismatic charm and an intrinsic underlying lyrical context which clearly belongs strong to Helme’s own heart”

    State 51

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