The French Connection Tour

  • The French Connection Tour

    Saturday 22nd March 2014

    Doors Open: 19:00

    Advanced Ticket Price: £FREE ENTRY

    Age Restriction: 14+

    Event Details:

    The Flaming Arts supported by Rockstar Energy Drinks present The French Connection Tour featuring CYCLAMEN, SWORN AMONGST, THE CRUSADER and CRYPTIC SHIFT. Plus further supports will be announced soon. FREE ENTRY!

    Cyclamen started in 2008 as Hayato Imanishi’s bedroom solo project in Reading, UK. Cyclamen quickly gained its reputation through the internet and formed a live band in 2010 and toured UK with the debut album Senjyu. After the live band disbanding in 2011 due to Hayato relocating to Asia, it remained as a solo project until 2011 with the release of “Memories, Voices” EP in Japan. Hayato recruited new members and the new lineup based in Tokyo was formed.
    In 2013, Cyclamen released the second album “Ashura”, and they have toured Thailand and headlined the second stage in Euroblast Festival in Germany. Cyclamen continues to expanding their activity and 2014 is looking to be a very busy year for the band with offers to play from various countries all over the world.


    British metallers Sworn Amongst, the foursome behind one of 2008’s most ambitious metal debuts And So It Begins, bring you their uncompromisingly fearsome follow-up, Severance. Driven by the band’s unrelenting will to cause general mayhem, Severance brings the best of what was to be found on their previous release and turns up the heat tenfold. Severance showcases the band’s diversity and ability to create powerful modern metal while honouring the roots of traditional thrash and speed metal.
    Since forming in 2003 Sworn Amongst has steadily built a fan base with their studio release and their brutal live performances. After 2005’s independently released debut Derision of Conformity, Sworn Amongst caught the eye of metal label Rising Records who signed them in 2007. The band headed into the studio to record And So It Begins which was well received by fans and critics, with Metal Hammer calling the album “A massively promising & accomplished debut.”
    Over the last eighteen months, the band has taken part in several European and UK tours, with the band terrorising more than 150 venues in nearly fifteen countries. Sworn Amongst’s tours include Earache’s 2008 Thrashing Like a Maniac Tour, Breed 77 and Susperia’s Insects & Attitude Tour in 2009 and their own 2009 headlining And So It Begins Tour with 105 dates across the UK and Ireland. They have also played the prestigious UK festivals Bloodstock and Hammerfest as well as Spain’s Thrash Em All Festival and Germany’s Wurzburg Metalfest. Its these experiences on the road that have seen Sworn Amongst evolve and forge ahead with their brutal new approach.
    After feverishly writing and recording in 2009, the band is ready to deliver on the promise they’ve shown in the past by releasing the devastating full length Severance, which will be available WORLDWIDE in February 2010. Sworn Amongst will soon be embarking on their most extensive tour to date. Be prepared to experience utter mayhem when Sworn Amongst takes over your town with their in-yourr-face live performance and unrelenting intensity.


    The Crusader


    “formed in Sheffield, towards the end of 2012 early 2013, I, The Crusader have been described as the most violent/brutal band in yorkshire in an issue of Stencil Mag. Starting off with band members Vinnie and Dan, and soon after Liam, they became a trio mastermind of writing complicated up beat riffs and ground breaking beatdowns. Months afterwards, Matt joined followed by Danny, making the band complete! Be sure to catch their EP when its released! “When the hunter becomes the hunted”



    Crÿptic Shift are a four piece heavy metal band from Leeds, England.


    Massively influenced by the mighty Pantera and Megadeth, we play a mix of thrash and groove metal with added jazz/funk elements, also inspired by the likes of Machine Head, Exhorder, Death, Atheist, Lamb Of God, Sepulltura, Death Angel etc.


    Here’s a link to our facebook page:

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